Workspaces in the Boston Area

March 20, 2017 - 2 minutes read

One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is finding the best workspace that fits you and the needs of your company. Check out this list of spaces that are killing it in Boston and Cambridge.

Boston Spaces
Workbar Boston– $350/month for open work space or $400/month for a private office space
This workbar is located by South Station and has other spaces within Staples stores in Brighton, Norwood, and Danvers.

Wunderbar– $360/month for a private office space
This is the go to space for startups in the AdTech industry.

Impact Hub Boston– $350/month for shared space
This office space is designed for community based companies looking to make a difference.

WeWork– $400+/month for open space and $450/month for a private office
This space offers insurance plans for users as well as more in depth one on one advice for its members.

Cambridge Spaces
Cambridge Coworking Center– $425+/month for shared space
Located in the middle of Cambridge in Kendall Square, this workspace is perfect for the Cambridge local who doesn’t want to commute far.

NGIN Workplace– $375/month for shared space
This workplace is focused on helping its members connect internationally.

Industry Lab– $420/month for shared space
With full access to 3D printers and a machine shop, this space is perfect for startups working on prototypes.

These options just scratch the surface for what’s available in the Boston community. Do some touring and find out which space is perfect for you!

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