Today’s Agenda: Meet a Founder

October 5, 2016 - 3 minutes read

Welcome to the generation of entrepreneurs. If you belong to this generation, the generation of millenials, you know we are loud and proud. We cling to the individuality that our parents grew up on and idealized while craving the need to give back through the “sharing culture.” A culture we have created and pride ourselves on. Enter your hip, quirky friend explaining where she just found her new swanky jacket- “the thrift store around the corner.” This tug between the individual and the group has made our generation one of the most prone to becoming their own boss. Hello startup scene.

You might have some friends who have dabbled in the process of starting their own business or perhaps you have tried to enter this scene yourself. While the key to success in most fields is networking, this is even more true for the entrepreneur. Where to begin? Olivia Vanni, a staff writer at Boston Innovation, has compiled a list of the top 21 places in Boston to frequent if you want to run into a fellow entrepreneur. I have highlighted my top four, but check out her full review here.

Tatte Bakery
Located in both Beacon Hill and Kendall square, Tatte offers brunch options fast and easy without compromising quality. Be sure to order a loaf of bread to go and notice how everyone holds themselves in the quirky way only an entrepreneur knows how.

The Paramount
Looking for something out of the ordinary? A seat yourself styled cafe where you wait in line until your food is ready before you can sit down. Seemingly unorganized, this system makes networking and small talk effortless as you’re forced to stand next to strangers (the next Mark Zuckerberg?) for at least a few moments.

Thinking Cup
My favorite place to grab a coffee and catch a glimpse of @BostonTweet’s Tom O’Keefe. All of their locations are always packed so even though it might not be the best place to get work done, it’s the place to network (which hey, is work)!

A shared office space for Boston’s startup crowd. Don’t want to pay for a space? Hang out in La Colombe Coffee downstairs. You’re guaranteed to run into founders yearning for their daily fix.


Happy mixing!

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