Snippet Quoted from: Data Startups Tackle Cities’ Traffic Problems@katysteinmetz – Feb. 12, 2015

Data–and the startups that trade in it–could help lessen traffic congestion in cities

“…Until then, tech companies will keep trying to disrupt the parking problem. Some, like MonkeyParking, have gotten in hot water for trying to monetize public spaces. But others are trying to make paying for private parking more attractive. Boston-based Spot, which aims to be an Airbnb for personal spaces, has been welcomed by city officials, in part because it has the potential to reduce wasteful cruising. “The opportunity is absolutely massive,” says Spot founder Braden Golub. “There’s a lot of unused space out there.” And Seabrook knows exactly where it is.’

This appears in the February 23, 2015 issue of TIME.

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