confusing-boston-parking-sign-1Part of the reason parking in Boston is so darn tough is that the signs are impossible to make sense of (see photo below,yes that’s real, credit to The Awesome Boston).

Well it turns out we’re not the only city with insane street signs. All over New York, California and other places that aren’t as awesome as the Hub, drivers are faced with the hardest reading comprehension test they’ve faced since taking their SATs every time they’re searching for parking.

Luckily in some of these places, they’re beginning to rethink just tacking up another sign on phone poles hoping that you can read between the lines and avoid a ticket or a tow. New York City recently began redesigning their parking signs to fit within a character limit (Twitter’s impact on the world is official). That design yields some inspiration from Nicole Sylianteng who runs the blog “To Park or Not To Park.” She designed laminated parking schedules to make sense of signage in her area, originally in Los ANgeles where pilot tests of her signs are being proposed. All her signs have an opinions and suggestions box on the bottom with a Sharpie attached inviting people to leave their thoughts on the new look.

parking-blog-image2Boston might even have a bigger problem than parking signs though, literally. The signage for roads and highways in the city and surrounding suburbs is confusing even to us who have lived here for 20+ years. Explaining them to a tourist is impossible. For instance, there’s a stretch of 95 that is also Rt. 1, which is also 93, which is also Rt. 128, makes sense right? So yeah, just take all four of those roads into the city, and then follow this sign-> and it shouldn’t be any trouble at all.

We can only hope that sooner or later the signs make sense…until then, park in a safe and secure SPOT with our app and never worry about reading these signs again.