Team SPOT Goes to Camp

April 12, 2016 - 3 minutes read

Transportation Camp that is!

IMG_0075This past weekend, two members of Team SPOT ventured over to Cambridge to attend Transportation Camp. All we knew going into it was that it was an “unconference” and it was focused on transportation – pretty much everything else was an unknown. What we came away from the day with was so much more than expected, and it was great meeting the new people that we did! So, without further ado, here are the top 4 things Team SPOT will be bringing back to the office from Transportation Camp NE 2016.

  1. Transportation is a problem everyone wants to solve. The people in attendance ranged from transportation enthusiasts, to startups and even representatives from the MBTA, and the main focus of them all: improving and modernizing the transport options we’ve got. It was fascinating to see organizations such as the T interacting and collaborating with the latest innovations in transportation – it just goes to show, no one wants to make getting from here to there more difficult than it already is.
  2. Just because it’s an unconference, doesn’t mean it’s unstructured. We were amazed to see just how smoothly the day went, especially considering the fact that there were no sessions planned when we first walked in. We felt the day had a great flow to it and was just as organized, if not more, than traditional conferences – essentially the unconference structure was a win in our books!
  3. Transportation affects more than just cars on the roads and trains underground. If people struggle to get around a city, it affects so much more than just getting from here to there; it impacts a person’s way of life and therefore a city’s commerce. If you can’t easily get around, how is the economy supposed to be booming?
  4. Transparency is key. Both for established organizations like the MBTA and newer ones like ZipCar, being transparent in marketing, problem solving and product offerings is essential to success. We found time and time again, organizations brought up their struggle to be as open and transparent with patrons while maintaining user happiness and bringing in new customers. The key to getting and keeping customers is making sure they’re well informed on what your company is doing and offering!

So, there you have it, our major takeaways from a day well spent learning from and chatting with leaders in the local transportation industry. Here at SPOT we want to make sure we’re helping make Boston a better place to travel, live and work in! Thanks, Transportation Camp NE, for hosting such a great event!

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