How to Survive Winter ft. Our Favorite Apps

October 25, 2016 - 3 minutes read

If you’ve checked the temperature in the last couple of days you’ll find that next week is full of highs in the 50s with rain and wind scattered throughout. Welcome to skipping fall and the beginning of a winter forecasted to be almost as bad as 2015. Unless you’re planning to move in the next couple of weeks, it’s time to buckle down and bear the effects like the rest of Boston’s bravests. Here at SPOT, we don’t like to leave you unprepared so we’ve pulled together a list of the top apps we think will help you along the way.

Foodler or GrubHub
When all you have left in the freezer is half a bottle of orange liqueur that your roommate’s boyfriend bought for the rager you threw last weekend and you’ve had cereal too many days in a row, it’s time to order out. Splurge on yourself with these food delivery apps. You might just find you’re $1,000 poorer next month (oh look, SPOT can help replenish your income).

Nest & Nest Thermostat
One of the worst parts of the winter is trying to time exactly when to turn the heater on and off. No one wants to come home to a cold house and wait until it reaches a bearable temperature. Nest & Nest Thermostat helps combat this by turning the heater on at the right time to heat up the house. You can also turn the heater on and off from your smartphone.

Winter Survival Kit
No one wants to get stuck out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by snow. This app can help you figure out your location fast, dial 911 or your friends/family, and let you know how long you can heat your car for before the gas runs out.

What’s better than delivered groceries? All you have to do is select what you want and your local store will deliver it in as little as an hour. Now your food comes to you. Next step-find a way to get your roommates to do the cooking.

Bundle up and don’t forget- puffer jackets are friends, not foe (I guess).


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