Summer Reading List

July 26, 2017 - 2 minutes read

One of the best parts of summer is laying out in the sun on a towel at the beach, listening to waves crash behind you, the salty air lingering in your hair. Children run around in front of you, throwing crumpling sand balls at each other. Your eyes drift between them and the book between your hands and you cannot imagine a place you would rather be.

A little late, but with still plenty of time to enjoy a good book, we introduce our best reads for this season so you too can have your moment at the beach.

An American Sickness
This nonfiction book highlights the current events happening in today’s health care system. Focused on the financial factors that are driving the current system, this book is sure to cause a rude awakening.

American War
This novel provides a fictional look at events that could happen when a civil war breaks out in 21st century United States as a result of climate change. The novel follows the main character who fights to avenge her family’s death.

The Blood of Emmett Till
A historical documentation of the devastating circumstances that make up this tragedy.  

Exit West
This novel follows the story of a migrant Middle Eastern couple arriving in California and the difficulties they face.

Roxane Gay documents and explores the struggles she faced about her weight and her childhood traumas.

Madame President
A chilling look at how Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became the first woman president of an African nation.

These top picks only scratch the surface of the many brilliant options to choose from when compiling your summer reading list. Head downtown to one of the niche bookstores to do some exploring of your own and don’t forget to use SPOT to help you park easier.

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