Successful startups by students

April 30, 2017 - 1 minute read

Give Water- Ben Lewis

The summer before entering college, Ben started selling Give water to the local delis and grocers in town. The bottled water donates a portion of sales to local charities depending on the color of the cap. A green label will fund environmental causes while a pink cap donates to cancer research.

Lingt Language- Justin Cannon & Chris Varenhorst

In preparation to study abroad in China, these students created a tool for teaching foreign languages. Designed to be used in a classroom, lingt editor allows teachers to create custom assignments with audio, images, text and video.

Simply Splendid Donuts- Danny Klam

Danny Klam wakes up at 3 in the morning every day to open his donut and ice-cream stores. As a student who is also double majoring in entrepreneurship and marketing he is taking on a huge endeavor.


a startup that has created a manually powered and sustainable centrifuge that allows health care workers to prepare bodily fluids, like blood, for diagnostic tests. This makes it possible to run medical tests in health care facilities in the developing world that don’t have the ability to power an electric centrifuge.

FamilyLeaf- Wesley zhao

Freshman student designed a program that allows users to swap photos and share stories with their loved ones. The site aims to create a safe space for users to post only family-related photos and events.

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