Our Team


Mark’s childhood was devoid of mainstream pop culture (the man has never seen an episode…


Our leader comes by way of Chicago, New York and his native Cincinnati before moving…


We wooed Brandon away from his day job as chocolatier to manage all of our…

Our Values

Sharing is Caring
Sharing is our whole game. You help us, we help you, we all help each other. We want to share a bit of US with our users and hope you feel encouraged to share a little of what’s yours with the SPOT Community.
Soul of a Kid - Brain of a Whiz
SPOT is a young company both in actual age (we just turned 1!) and spirit. Our team is comprised of young and hungry individuals working tirelessly to make parking easier a reality for millions of people, but occasionally these productive work days include 30 minute debates over what an acceptable amount of drinks is the first time you meet your significant other’s family. All in a good days work ;-).
Community Focused
We rely on communities to make this whole thing work and SPOT strives to be a part of the community; whether that’s in our hometown Boston or the hundreds of communities we hope to be a part of in the future. Our SPOT community helps keep us in the loop on community activities we should feature, sponsor, and more importantly be a part of.
Business. Casual.
Hard work comes in all shapes, sizes, and schedules. At Team SPOT everyone works on a schedule that fits best for them, and our dress code is simple: anything that doesn’t resemble a suit. We take parking seriously, we take our individual jobs seriously, we just don’t take ourselves too seriously.
It Takes all Types
Diversity brings unique ideas from varying backgrounds to our community and that applies directly to our team as well. We value these ideas equally from those of our leadership to the newest hire and do our best to create a culture that values the best idea not my idea. Bringing our thoughts and opinions together in this way creates a unified, creative team, product, and brand.
A Commitment to Integrity
In order for a company to be successful, we believe it needs to be upfront and transparent. SPOT provides open, honest communication within the team and with our users.
Without you, SPOT would not exist. It is YOU who rents out your SPOT and it’s YOU who parks in them, we simply provide the platform for YOU to do so which makes YOU our top priority. The SPOT experience is built on the feedback of users like you and everyone from our CEO (seriously) to our interns contribute in turning this feedback into improvements every day.