We’re at a point in our development where our renters are starting to see the benefits of the SPOT dream become a reality and they’re using the money they save in a variety of both unique, hilarious, and downright smart ways.

Community Partners

A South End elementary school rents out SPOTs in the summer months to provide scholarships for their students to be able to travel to Europe. While they haven’t quite reached their goal yet, we take pride in watching our idea support the dreams of young minds.


Lisa, located in the Back Bay rents out her sought-after SPOT and donates the money she makes to local food shelters. Her SPOT routinely rents a couple times a week turning into dozens of meals for families around Boston.


We’ve got a few SPOTs in Brookline at a Mosque where they’re going to use the extra cash to fund different events for the community.

Community Image

Individuals Making The Most of SPOT

Dylan, a student in Allston, has a parking SPOT that came with his apartment rental but no car to fill it. He’s rented it out 6 times and according to him and his friends, SPOT has yielded roughly 96 PBRs and a couple bottles of Fireball….


Brian rents out his Dorchester SPOT and the extra cash he’s earned has also earned him extra brownie points with his wife. Each SPOT rental’s proceeds go into a date night fund, paying for the happy couple to go out at least a night each week since they became SPOT-Owners.



A student in Brighton recently tweeted us that she’d used her SPOT income to reach Gold Level at Starbucks just in time for Pumpkin Spice season.  According to @BasicWhiteGirl, this is a pretty big deal.


We’ll be highlighting the best SPOTstories each week, so reach out to us on Twitter @theSPOTapp, or in the comments below and tell us what you use your SPOT Savings for! For tips on what to do with your new found money (assuming you don’t have heaping student loan debts or a car payment to take care of) make sure to check back each week and see the awesome things other SPOTers are doing.

Send tips or stories to [email protected] and you could be featured on next week’s Blog!

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