SPOT’S Survival Guide: Work sucks

October 14, 2016 - 2 minutes read

So you hate your job. And you’re like 99% sure that it is actually sucking the life out from under you, but you can’t really afford to quit…So what do youimgres do?

Well us folks at SPOT thought we’d share some wisdom from our horror days flipping burgers and making coffee runs.

Perspective is key!

Your job is not your whole life -or at least it shouldn’t be. Look outside of work for some positive vibes, and focus on the good stuff. You have a place to live, food and friends that care about you.

Own your space!

Make your office more you- albeit don’t literally bring your favorite snuggie to the office. But try bringing to work things that make you happy. A pic of your friends, your favorite bobblehead. Maybe even a couple books to read for a min a two when you’re in need of a break. Of course every office has their own office space regulations, but do what you can.

Avoid negativity!


Been there, felt that

Complaining can be cathartic maybe even fun, but sometimes venting out anger can make everyone more miserable -including yourself. This is not to say, that you should bottle up your emotions definitely don’t do that. But try to find actual solutions. Like for example every morning the printer messes up your copies, try to call office management instead of getting frustrated.

Don’t kill your Boss!

If you think your job is soul destroying, most likely your boss is the reason you feel that way. Try creating some distance. Filter your work through a third person and avoid the constant face time. And if it ever gets really bad, your office has HR for a reason.

If you’re still not sure you can survive, then maybe its time to quit and move on, check out this Quiz to find out. And remember it is not the end of the world, this is just a blip in the whole scheme of things.


I bet that felt great




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