Team SPOT’s Review Crew has always been an integral part of our staff. They keep our data up to date, keep in touch with all of you and make sure that each SPOT listing is as accurate as possible to prevent any possible issues.

Recently we’ve expanded our Review Crew team and now will be able to expand their role as well – having team members heading out to verify the locations of each SPOT and take new professional quality photos of each space! We’re starting with our Top 100 SPOTs and slowly rolling out to the rest based on the feedback we receive during this test run.

Review Crew members will also be applying decals (see below) to the pavement in each SPOT helping renters in identifying where they’re supposed to be parking. These decals are small (12″x12″) and completely removable (in case you’re moving soon), but are tough enough to bear most of what New England has to throw at us (25 years of living here, I know better than to say “all” of what our crazy weather might offer us).


The Crew will be hitting the Top SPOTs in each of our prime neighborhoods (Back Bay, Brookline, Cambridge, South End, South Boston,Fenway/Kenmore & Allston/Brighton) throughout the next few weeks, however if you would like us to stop by at a specific time to discuss placement of the graphic or just to chat about how to optimize your SPOT listing’s availability and pricing, please let us know by filling out the form below and we’ll do our best to accommodate every SPOT-Owner’s schedule. Additionally if you’d like to opt-out of this service, simply shoot us a quick email and let us know.


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