Share SPOT using our referral program and earn rewards!

As part of our most recent update, we’re proud to announce Rewards, a brand new feature to benefit all users! Now you can get free parking by sharing your own individual promo code right from the app.

So, how does it work?

First, make sure you have the most current version of the SPOT app. You can check this by opening ‘Apps’ from your phone and opening the ‘Updates’ tab from the bottom right.

Once you’re all up-to-date, open the app and click on ‘Rewards’ from the menu (screenshot below). If you don’t see this menu item, login or register.

SPOT Rewards Menu Screenshot (2) (1)


Give and you shall (also) receive!

On the ‘Rewards’ screen, you’ll notice your unique referral code. Share with friends, family,and even strangers if you want… They get $15 off their next rental and so do you! Every time your unique code gets used, you’ll get a promo code emailed to you for $15 off.

SPOT Rewards Screenshot


Running into some trouble? No worries, we can help. Contact Brandon, our Director of User Happiness, with any questions or issues – [email protected]. #ParkEasier!

If you’re not yet a user but want to learn more, Contact Us.

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