Listing a SPOT can involve a lot of decision making; What’s my SPOT worth? Do I want to list it for the whole year or just a couple days? What’s the best Instagram filter for my SPOT photo?

We hear you, and frankly we’re not huge on making tough choices either. That’s why we had our team of technical super-heros figure out all this and make listing a SPOT simpler than ever before!

Pricing Your SPOT

First things first, the thing everybody wants to know: How much is my SPOT worth? SPOT 2.0 will auto-generate prices for you based on your location, nearby points of interest and other SPOTs in your area. You can of course edit these prices higher if you think your SPOT is more valuable if cheaper if you’re in the mood to be charitable. No more guesswork required.

Timing is Everything

Your SPOT is well…yours. You should be able to use it, or rent it, when you want to and our new date picker tools make that easier than ever. Set a start date with a rolling window of a couple months into the future or set specific end dates if you know the space won’t be available after then.

Setting days of the week and hours of the day is now easier as well. Set as many, or as few, restrictions as you’d like ensure you make the most of SPOT. Be mindful though, SPOTs with an open availability are 4 times as likely to rent as those with time or date restrictions!

SPOT Selfie

SPOT Renters have mentioned that it’s tough in some cases to determine where a SPOT is by a single photo making the SPOT tough to access. With our new photo upload process, Owners will now be able to upload up to 4 photos of their SPOT, giving drivers a clearer idea of where to park, resulting in less confusion. At least 2 photos will now be required, giving renters a clear view of the SPOT from close up, and from a distance.

2-Way Messaging

Some Renters will inevitably get lost or end up in the wrong SPOT. We’ve had messaging for Renters looking to contact Owners for a while, but now we’ve opened up the other side of things. Owners will now be able to message renters details about accessing the SPOT, a quick line to let them know they should park closer to the end of the driveway or whatever else you may need. We will also now be asking for Owners cellphone numbers as an alternative means of contact in the event we need to communicate with you directly regarding the details of your rental.

Put the “P” in it’s Place

Placing the “P” marker on the map determines the coordinates used for GPS navigation to your SPOT. Be sure to zoom all the way in and place the marker where the SPOT is, whether that’s the driveway, behind the building or underneath the building, not just at the address. Our new map slides underneath a central marker making it easier to maneuver and also  features including a toggle view between the animated map and a satellite version making it simpler than ever to be precise with you “P’.

Easy Edits

Remember when you had to go through the entire editing process to change anything about your SPOT? Yeah, we’re trying to leave those dark times in the past and bringing you EasyEdit: allowing you to edit anything about your SPOT, simply, quickly, and individually.


Every SPOT is different, but in an attempt to streamline SPOT details SPOT 2.0 will include some quick notes that you can simply add to your SPOT listing. For simple notes such as “No Large Cars” or “Passcode Required” simply select those that apply and of course you can add custom notes for intricate details (ex. Park to the left of the boat, behind the 6th house in the alley behind 123 Main St.).

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