Searching For a SPOT is changing…A LOT. We want to make sure our SPOTers are well prepared for the shift, so here’s everything you need to know about what Searching For a SPOT will look like in SPOT 2.0!

Mind-reading Search Bar:

The map will default to you current location but what if you’re looking to book a SPOT ahead of time in a different area? Start typing an area you’re looking for parking and the SPOT app will return points of interest related to your search. No more struggling with 15-letter street names or trying to figure out how to spell “Gloucester” ever again.

Fenway type Ahead

Maps That Move

No more dragging pins all over a map. In the most Uber-esque update to SPOT, your location pin stays in place, and you simply move the map behind it. This creates faster and smoother performance in the search process and improved accuracy for drivers searching for SPOTs.


Prices Where You Can See Them

We ditched the olde “P” markers in favor of something more useful: prices. The displayed price reflects the rental length (hour,day,week or month) that you’ve set your search filters to. We also have built in automated suggested pricing to make pricing SPOTs for owners easier than ever.

Hand With Map Fenway

Simple Search Filters

Filtering what you’re searching for has always been a feature of SPOT but we’ve simplified these by providing clearer options and a sleeker interface to make finding the SPOT you need easier than ever.


SPOT Profiles

Found the SPOT that’s right for you? Tap the pin on the map to open up that SPOT’s profile, including details about available dates and hours, notes about accessing the SPOT, and features of the SPOT itself (ex. “Small Cars Only” or “Electric Vehicle Charging Available”). New SPOT owners will be able to upload multiple photos to give renters a better idea of where to park and simplified and standardized notes and features section makes it easy to compare what’s best for you.

SPOT Profile

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates on what to look forward to with the brand new SPOT app on the way in May 2015!

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