SPOT Shift: Adding Incremental Availability Prior to 2.0’s Release


It’s no surprise that SPOTs with more open availabilities and a variety of booking options tend to rent more often, and with SPOT 2.0 only displaying hourly rentals in it’s “default” map view those SPOTs with short-term availability are going to going to be more appealing than ever! Many of our SPOT-Owners have asked us how to go about changing the rental-type options on their SPOT. Luckily, adding additional rates is super simple within the editing panel of the app, and will give your SPOT a leg up when we release SPOT 2.0 in a few days!

Simply head to My Account and tap the SPOT listing you’d like to edit. Since you won’t need to edit your SPOT’s location or photos you can simply tap past these pages Until you arrive at the rental type screen.


Depending on what your preferred rental type is set at, you’ll be able to set rates for any incremental amount. For instance, if your SPOT is listed monthly you may add a weekly, daily or hourly rate as well, however if your SPOT is set at Daily, you will only be able to add an hourly rate. You can of course, delete and re-list your SPOT with a longer-term rental preference anytime you’d lIMG_0189ike.IMG_0187


To add these rates, simply tap the yes checkbox next to the incremental rate options you wish to add, set your prices and tap finish! As always if you run into any issues, you can always get in touch with any member of Team SPOT at [email protected] and we’d be happy to assist.

Happy SPOTing! 🙂

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