Let’s face it, whether you’re heading to your significant other’s place, going out for drinks with a coworker or need a place to leave your car for the night for any of a million other reasons, finding overnight parking can be tricky. Garages will charge you a low rate for the night, but that jumps astronomically if you leave your car there into the morning. In areas like Brookline street parking at nighttime is completely forbidden, and finding a space in a residential neighborhood that does allow for it, is quite the adventure. Even with SPOT until now, drivers have been limited to booking overnight SPOTs at daily rates, or setting up a complicated matrix of hourly availabilities.

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Well all that’s about to change with SPOT 2.0. Now with a rolling date picker that let’s you pick exactly when you need a SPOT, finding a space to park is easier than ever. Need a SPOT next wednesday night from 10pm- 3am? No problem. Need a SPOT right now so that your buddy can park your car somewhere because you’re obviously not driving home? Also no problem (at least the parking part, if you throw up on your shoes, we can’t help you with that).

For Owners, setting overnight availability is also getting simplified. When setting the Hours of the Day that your SPOT is available, simply set a PM start time and an AM end time. Please note that the availability will rollover into the next day; for instance setting your SPOT as available on Thursday from 8pm-8am it will post as available until Friday at 8pm. Be sure that your last day of availability is 1 day prior to the last morning your SPOT is available to be parked in.

Our goal is to make parking easier for everyone, and in a few short weeks, that’ll include you night owls too :-).

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