What Happens Next?

As a SPOT owner, listing your SPOT takes less than 2 minutes and you’re done! But what about once someone rents your SPOT?

1) When a renter has finalized their reservation of your SPOT, you’ll receive an email confirming details about the rental including: the dates and times of the rental, the renter’s contact information, and details about the renter’s car (license plate, color, make and model, etc.). It is important that you make sure  your SPOT is clear of any hazards (such as trash cans, recycling bins, or snow) and can be easily accessed.


2) If a renter is unable to access your SPOT, they may message you within the app for help.Of course, the clearer you are with your photos and instructions in your listing, the less likely this is to occur. (note: If your SPOT is in a garage, please be sure that your listing includes details about how to access the garage in the “Instructions” section including where to pick up any remote, key, or passcode that may be required for access.) Remember: renters cannot see the instructions until after they purchase your SPOT. They can see the “Restrictions/Disclaimers” section before they reserve your SPOT.


3) Renters will receive a reminder 15 minutes before their reservation is up. They’re able to extend the rental as long as it fits in within your SPOT’s availability.  In the event that a renter is in your SPOT longer than the allotted time reserved, simply contact the renter or get in touch with a SPOT representative.


4) Please also make sure to review your listing periodically to be sure that your SPOT isn’t listed as being available on dates when you need it. The more availability a SPOT has, the more it’s likely to earn! You can review your SPOT listings by heading to “My Listed SPOTs” within the app (pictured left).



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