Whether you’re a history buff, a sports fan or a media mogul who loves following the biggest brands in the world, there’s one place everyone wants to go when they come to Boston, Fenway Park. For those of us who are here year round, getting out to at least one game of summer is close to a ritual, and lord knows no other fanbase loves their team enough to pay $8.50 for a Bud Light.



$.62 per ounce baby. Nothing says summer like overpriced Bud Light drafts!


That begs the question then, why is it so expensive just to GET to the game? Commuters travelling in from from the North and South Shore pay high ticket prices to take the commuter rail into the city, only to get hit with additional charges for a hot, crowded subway that you can barely breathe in. Forget it if you want to take a taxi as they’ll leave the meter running in traffic charging you $30+ to get from South Station to Lansdowne St. and while Uber provides an alternative, Fenway on a game day is almost a certain Surge pricing event.


This is what getting on the T looks like…at the 8th closest stop to the ball park…

“It’s better than driving and paying $50+ for parking,” has long been the logic justifying all of us cramming on the T, climbing the handrails in search of air that isn’t thick with humidity and body heat. What if I told you, that been-true-since-my-dad-was-a-kid logic was a sham? A lie? Complete and utter bullshit?

You’d tell me I was crazy (or at the very least a Yankees fan who is obviously mistaken and needs to go back to New York).   


Well ordinarily I’d agree with you, but luckily we have these awesome interns who went out and did the research and as it turns out, with SPOTs near Fenway going for almost ½ the price of ballpark rates, driving in, with the comfort of your friends, music AND air conditioning, would save most of us at least a few bucks, and in some cases almost $40!
Don’t believe me? I’ll let Grant the Intern’s numbers do the talking for me:

The Model


Round Trip Price =  (1-way ticket) x 2 (using pre-purchase price) x group size (excludes subway fare)

Fenway SPOT price = Average of 6 SPOTs nearest Fenway Park

Gasoline Cost based on $2.60 gal (East Coast average according to EIA) and a Mapquest estimates in a 20mpg vehicle

Savings = (SPOT Price + Gas Price) – (Round Trip Public Trans. Cost)


Locations Tested 


We selected 1 location from each MBTA zone it is located in (see map)

  1. West RoxburyCr-Zones-Web
  2. Reading
  3. Wellesly Square
  4. West Natick
  5. Framingham
  6. Ashland
  7. Westborough
  8. Worcester




The Results:


Groups of 3

Round Trip MBTA
SPOT price
Gas Price (Round Trip)
Group Savings
1 $23 $13 $2.24 $7.76
2 $25 $13 $4.78 $7.22
3 $28 $13 $4.06 $10.94
4 $30 $13 $5.72 $11.28
5 $34 $13 $5.96 $15.04
6 $37 $13 $7.76 $16.24
7 $39 $13 $8.72 $17.28
8 $42 $13 $12.84 $16.16

Groups of 2

Round Trip MBTA
SPOT price
Gas Price (Round Trip)
Group Savings
1 $34.50 $13 $2.24 $19.26
2 $37.50 $13 $4.78 $19.72
3 $42.00 $13 $4.06 $24.94
4 $45.00 $13 $5.72 $26.28
5 $51.00 $13 $5.96 $32.04
6 $55.50 $13 $7.76 $34.74
7 $58.50 $13 $8.72 $36.78
8 $63.00 $13 $12.84 $37.16



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