SPOT Light: November’s Top User

November 17, 2016 - 2 minutes read

One of the best parts of working at SPOT is interacting with our users. This month, we introduce a new tradition – interviewing our top SPOTers. Take a look at what Erika, who learned about the app from one of her good friends, has to say about using SPOT.   

What has been the best benefit of using SPOT?
“I lived in Boston while I attended Boston University but did not want to pay $400+ dollars a month to park my car on BU campus or risk being towed by parking elsewhere. SPOT gave me the flexibility to go home (which is about 40 minutes away on public transportation) and get my car for periods where I really needed it. Once I graduated I moved back home and started commuting to my job in Back Bay. SPOT has allowed me to drive to work when I want to and not have to pay tons of money to keep the car in a garage.”

How has SPOT changed your parking experience?
“SPOT has provided me with flexibility, in an otherwise inflexible system of parking in Boston (unless you are willing to pay big bucks).”

What do you like most about the SPOT app?
“The customer service is really great. I’ve had questions and used the app to message SPOT team members and talked to someone right away. It can be really unsettling to leave your car in an area that you are unsure about, so it’s nice to know that someone is there to answer your question.”

If you could change one thing about SPOT what would it be?
“A clearer indication of the SPOT. Not sure how you can do this given Boston weather and regulations but it would be nice to have that as a clarification for the driver.” (Great advice. We are working on a better layout.)

When asked if Erika would recommend SPOT to a friend, she replied “Yes! Already have!”

Download SPOT and keep booking. You never know, you could just be our next month’s feature! Over and out!


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