Sharing Economy Day-in-the-Life

With the exponential growth in the sharing economy over the past few years, it is becoming easier to live day-to-day in the sharing economy. By using services like Favor, Uber, and SPOT we are helping other people while they help us. I decided to try out a day-in-the-life of a millennial sharing economy day and I won’t lie it was pretty incredible. 


8:00 am: I wake up to a phone call from a guy in L.A. who is curious how I could possibly still be asleep given that he is 4 hours behind me and evidently wide awake. This guilt trip is provided by Wakie an app blending an alarm clock and the randomness of social sites and apps like Chatroulette or Fling.

8:20 am: I order an egg and cheese on a bagel before I head into the shower to satisfy my carb-loving, cheese-obsessed self. Knowing a Favor delivery-person will show up soon helps keep my morning routine on schedule.

unnamed-28:40 am: My Washio Ninja arrives to pick up my laundry for the week. They bring treats each time they show up, which make for a nice “breakfast dessert” to follow up my soon-to-arrive breakfast sandwich.

9:00 am: Request an Uber to work to avoid the hassles of daytime commuting.


10:00 am: Arrive at our WeWork office building & greet my fellow coworkers in one of the many communal kitchens. Semi-jokingly debate whether or not 10am is the proper time for the always-on-tap craft beer selection, or if it’s more of a coffee type of day.

11:15 am: While breaking from editing our database, I book my Airbnb room on the Cape for this upcoming weekend.


1:00 pm: Lunchtime is upon us but my late morning has me a bit behind. A promo code from DoorDash snags me a Sweetgreen salad for less than full price, and with the added benefit of avoiding the midday line.


3:00 pm: Sitting through a business development meeting regardless of the fact that I’m a marketing intern, but only 2 hours to go.

3:02 pm: Mid day dream I remember we finished all the wine in the apartment this weekend so I open up my Drizly app and order several bottles of Pinot Grigio to be delivered when I get home.


4:45 pm: Countdown the seconds til 5 o’clock, pour myself aforementioned (now slightly more time appropriate) beer.

5:00 pm: Uber surge pricing is out of control! I order a Lyft to take me home.


5:35 pm: Drizly arrives right on schedule. Crisis shortage of wine adverted.

6:00 pm: Run in the house, grab my Red Sox shirt, jump in the car and head over to Fenway.


7:00 pm: Why drive to Fenway? It’s cheaper than an Uber considering I park with SPOT on Aberdeen Street for a meager $8.


7:05 pm: Walk to Fenway.

7:08 pm: Arrive at Fenway.

7:30 pm: Indulge in 3 Fenway Franks with ketchup, mustard, and relish, a side of fries, some peanuts and Cracker Jack, and one small vanilla soft serve.


9:00 pm: Oh No! I never let the dog out! I quickly log onto to TaskRabbit, request a dog walker, and stop freaking out long enough to enjoy my soft serve.


11:00 pm: Head back to my SPOT, see my car safe and happy, and know that I didn’t break the bank.


11:20 pm: Home safe and sound, another day in the life of the sharing-economy dependent millennial…now where did I put that wine?


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