Second Times a Charm

We’ve all heard the saying “third time’s a charm” but where’s all the love for the second time around? With SPOT 2.0 up and live, it has Team SPOT dreaming of all things better the second time.

Don’t get us wrong, the first version of the iPod was definitely the coolest thing to own—just the sight of that thick, white, pocket-size square meant that you were about to have a good time but there’s no denying that the newest, sleek, and undeniably intelligent iPhone is the most heart-stopping musical accessory yet.
Phone w:out border

SPOT 2.0 may also cause heart palpitations so beware. Unlike the first version, SPOT 2.0’s messaging feature now includes the address of the user you’re talking to. There’s no more confusing different users so it’s now even easier to reserve and rent out SPOTs.


If you’ve ever eaten cereal at grandma’s house, you know that oats and grains in milk don’t add up to the colorful, magical marshmallows in Lucky Charms.

Cereal w:out border

SPOT 2.0’s new look and feel is simply charming and anything else is just  oats. SPOT 2.0’s map screen features hourly rates at a glance, and while we may not have the entire rainbow of marshmellowy colors, we do work in some electric mint and sunset orange to break up the antiquated grey and blue of yesterday’s apps.


SPOT 2.0’s map screen features hourly rates at easy glance. You don’t have to tap into the SPOT to find out how much moula you’ll be shelling out, it’s directly on the screen when choosing your location.

While we’re on the topic of food, pizza might just be the single greatest invention of all time. Nothing will beat the hot combination of doughy crust, melted cheese, and sweet tomato sauce…besides cold pizza the next morning.

Pizza w:out border

Yes, we are fans of the delicious combination of our favorite ingredients the day after. Here at SPOT, we like to think of the predictive searching of SPOT 2.0 as our cold pizza. While searching for a SPOT has always been easy, just like pizza is always delicious, the 2nd coming of our app now offers improved location accuracy and easier search tools  to ensure you’re finding a SPOT exactly where you need it to be


I doubt any of us have flown on the first version of the plane but I can promise it doesn’t compete with today’s jets with cushy chairs, cocktails, snacks, and movie options readily available. Although SPOT doesn’t provide cocktails and snacks at each SPOT, our newest version provides an overnight parking option and easier time selection criteria so you can park wherever, whenever.

Plane w:out border

A few things are just better the second time around: phones, planes, pizza, technology, the list goes on and on. SPOT is still the same idea but the second time around is revamped and renewed just for you. We want to hear from you so tweet at us @thespotapp, find us on Facebook at SPOT parking, or follow us on Instagram @thespotapp and share your favorite things that are better the second time around!

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