• 1. Find a convenient spot

    Let SPOT search nearby or your future destination.

  • 2. Pick the Dates & Times

    Need it for a couple of hours, the entire day or for an extended period?

  • 3. Confirm the price

    Check the price and make sure it works for you.

  • 4. Reserve & pay

    Reserve and pay with your credit card. Not to worry, your payment is secure and we’re here to help if anything goes wrong.

  • 5. Drive to your spot & park

    Let SPOT take you to your rented spot, verify the location, park and lock your car. Be responsible and park carefully and leave on time.

How It Works

Shouldn't parking be as simple as Amazon, Airbnb or Uber? We think so! Using SPOT you eliminate two of the most painful parts of parking your car - the search and the high price. Search the area where you want to park as well as the date, time and price, and a SPOT will find it for you. Click the one that best fits your needs, confirm and pay and be on your way.

Save Time & Money

Easier than finding a meter, cheaper than a garage and those 20 minutes spent searching are yours again. Welcome to SPOT.

Park Closer

Park where you need to be, not where they decided to build a garage 30 years ago.

Know Thy Hood

You know that friend who always knows where the best place for everything is? You’re now that friend.