What Happens Next?

Finding a SPOT near where you need to be is quick and easy with the SPOT app. Select your SPOT, click the time period you’d like it for and confirm the purchase on your card…but what happens next?

  1. You’ll immediately receive a text and a confirmation email which will include the SPOT’s details (location, photos, etc.), the owner’s contact information, and the rental details. This is simply a receipt of your reservation in case you need to refer to it later.
  2. As soon as your reservation is confirmed, you’ll be able to message the Owner, navigate to the SPOT, or give the SPOT a rating (pictured right). If you’re booking a SPOT for a future date you may access this feature by heading to My Rented SPOTs and selecting the SPOT you wish to park in.
  3. Once you arrive at the SPOT, double check the photos and instructions in the listing to ensure that you are in the right space. These notes can sometimes include SPOT numbers and the photos will include markers that make it easier to know where you’re supposed to park. Some of our SPOTs have a small, branded decal on them so be on the look out for the green “P.”!
  4. If you are unsure if you’re in the correct SPOT, you can contact the Owner via the in-app messaging or refer to their contact information. You can also message SPOT Support and have a representative help you out!
  5. Lastly, the easy part, pahk ya cah! As with any other time you park your car, make sure to roll up those windows and lock the doors before heading off!


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