We just recently published our brand values recently and highlighted among them this week is staying youthful in spirit. While parking is historically a boring and old industry full of stubborn folks opposed to the slightest nuance, we’re part of a generation of companies slowly changing that perception. We are a young team (the company that just turned 1, and has an average employee age of 24!) and we want to make sure that the SPOT brand stays young at heart for years and years to come!

We steadily try and reinforce this value of our brand in a variety of ways. We make a point to highlight exciting things in tech that are being built or worked on by a younger generation. We frequently are on the lookout for event sponsorship or programs that are opening doors to tech and other opportunities for young people. And of course we’ve expanded our team by extending internship opportunities to college students in the area, several of whom have been instrumental in SPOT 2.0’s recent successes.

These internships have already given 5 amazing college students and recent grads and opportunity to get valuable startup experience in a variety of roles and we look forward to expanding our internship program as we grow our team outside of Boston in the near future.

Beyond these we also try and make SPOT a company whose values and goals reflect those of a growing generation of young professionals. We build our product with values like sustainability, savings, conservation and optimization at it’s core reflecting the contemporary values of today’s society, and aiming to be part of a not-so-distant, smarter, cleaner urban landscape. And even as our team graduates from skinny jeans to dad-bods in the coming years, the guiding principles of our product remain intact and inline with the values of the communities that we serve, the young, the urban and of course, the mobile.

As young professionals increasingly decline to own vehicles, SPOTs open up all over the city with apartments with reserved parking being rented or owned by those who simply no longer need it. These owners can now turn a profit from this unused property, and in turn, help others who maybe commute from outside the city, or simply prefer the comfort of having their own ride stop dreading the search for parking, and save a few bucks in the process.
Whether it’s making money, or saving it; finding a SPOT, or sharing yours; it all helps the greater goal of reducing the waste of the resources available to us, something that the under-35 crowd has always been an advocate for. We look forward to continuing to contribute to the reduction of urban pollution, wasted gas, unused parking structures and spaces, and of course helping you park easier in the process – no matter how old this app of ours gets.

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