Parking in The Real World is Tough, But Then I Remember How Much Worse College Was

December 8, 2014 - 2 minutes read

Wayyyyyy back in the day (roughly 18 months ago) I attended college just like 65.9% of other people who graduated high school and like 100% of commuter students on a college campus I rued (yep learned that fancy word while I was there) parking once I got to class. So now with my many months of post-grad wisdom, I’d like to pass along the some secrets to campus parking for all of you currently enrolled in the quest for higher education:

1. If you show up less that 15 minutes before class, forget about it.

2. If you didn’t bother getting a parking permit at the beginning of semester, forget about it.

3. Keeping your car in a parking spot so long you need a meal because you’re scared to let go of it is completely ok….

4. …And that also applies to if you need to sleep there too.

5. College believes they owe you nothing, and that includes parking.

On the plus side, if you’re one of the people with a parking spot near campus you can turn this whole parking crisis into a positive: