3 Neighborhoods Where Your Parking SPOT has Real Value

Parking is notoriously bad all over Boston, but in certain areas it’s downright impossible, making some of the best things Boston has to offer inaccessible to those of us who still prefer the comfort of our car to the T. These are top 3 neighborhoods that are brimming with awesome things to do and see, but still lack a place to leave the car. Got a SPOT around there? Share it with those of us trying to come visit and line your pockets in the process!


The North End

Handmade linguini, veal bolognese, and a crisp, buttery cannoli filled with fresh ricotta cheese—I’m sorry are we making you hungry? Us too! With so many amazing restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and gelato bars, the North End remains one of the most enticing neighborhoods in Boston. To enjoy an evening out, it’s important that your car has a place to rest while you play. Calling anyone with a SPOT in the area, hop on the app today and list your SPOT to not only make money for yourself but also make someone else’s evening unforgettable!

Fort Point/Seaport

One of the newest, most innovative areas of Boston has to be the Fort Point neighborhood. With startups and co-working spaces popping up daily, the Seaport District is becoming a hub for innovators, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, and more. More and more people are crossing over the bridge to experience a growing art scene, a delicious array of restaurants, and a progressive work environment. In order to allow more people to experience greatness, we need Fort Point residents (I’m looking at you 315 on A!) and professionals to list their SPOTs today.


Harvard Square

Paahk yah cah in Havahd Yahd might be difficult to say but it’s even harder to actually do. Despite so many smart minds running around Harvard Square, the answer for parking is still left unanswered—until now! If you have a SPOT in or around Harvard Square, download SPOT and list it to make a profit today.

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