5 Reasons to Own a Car in Boston

June 6, 2016 - 4 minutes read

On a superficial level, the outcry of Bostonians to choose biking as a go-to mode of transportation, makes sense. Boston is America’s third-most-walkable city, and of course, it’s more energy efficient to take public transportation. But what the anti-auto mafia doesn’t want you to know is that having a car in Boston sometimes comes in handy.

If you’re new to the city, or a seasoned Bostonian, here are the top 5 reasons why you want to own a car in Boston:

car in boston T is for Time: Albeit the go-green facet of public transportation, buses and trains can be time consuming. Owning your own car would cut down on the time it takes to commute from Point A to Point B. Somewhere that is easily a 10 minute car ride away, might take two trains and a bus to get to the same destination in double the time. 

Bloom Where You’re Planted: The fact of the matter is: the T doesn’t go everywhere, and it stops running at midnight. If there isn’t a T station near your destination, or if you’re planning on coming home after the T stops operating, get ready to walk for part of your journey, or call an Uber and hope for no surcharges. Thinking about taking a road trip this summer? Stepping outside of the 617 area code isn’t worth paying to rent a car, or banking on the generosity of your car-owning friends. In short, good luck leaving your neighborhood.

All Things Go: Temporary is sometimes the best way to go, but not so much when it comes to cars. It’s all fun and games until you’re using Zipcars for more than just an occasional errand. The costs of frequenting these proposed car-owning replacements begins to add up over time, and the hassle of needing to return them to central parking makes you contemplate how it’s any different than driving around in your own car looking for parking.

driving in bostonOne-On-One: Not surprisingly, it’s sometimes impossible to find peace and quiet while living in a big city. Whether it’s commuters on the T who constantly pop your personal space bubble, or your roommates who never venture outside the walls of your apartment, you’re always surrounded by people. It’s safe to say that a solo on-the-road jam session, or a silent reflection of your day at work, is something that can be appreciated by everyone, but a luxury only guaranteed to few. 

Escape the Cold: It’s no secret that Boston isn’t known for its warm weather and sandy beaches. New England winters are brutal, and very few things are worse than having to wait in the cold for a (sometimes) very unreliable T. Having a car in the winter may get a bad rep because of the responsibility of cleaning it off when it snows, but it’s hard to imagine that being any worse than standing outside in the freezing cold waiting for the light of the T at the end of the tunnel.

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