You’ve got enough Ramen for a year and you’ve managed to read through all the syllabi. You’ve trained your brain and are ready to ready 100 pages a day for the foreseeable future. You’ve even bought a futon, the most utilitarian furniture item of all time staking your claim on adulthood. What’s next?

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While some answer are obvious (hello, there’s 20 cent wings are the bar down the street) and others seem unappealing (you really SHOULD study a week ahead) there is only one thing that’s really left on the back-to-college checklist for students in Boston – find parking.

park my fucking car

While your friends who went to school in Vermont or Iowa complain of parking during special events and gamedays, parking near campus, work or your apartment is a constant struggle that Boston’s students have to contend with. Why? Well some might say it has something to do with the close to 300,000 students who inhabit the city for 8 months of the year, but truthfully it’s because there’s simply a lack of space. Once you factor in all the spots reserved for faculty on campus, and residents nearby, chances are you’re parking so far away it might’ve just been worth the cost of an Uber.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 1.05.23 PMHeading out on the weekend? To borrow a term from our New York friends, forggaboutit, ‘cause it’s not gonna happen unless you’ve got a spare $20-$40 to blow. Considering you’re heading to Coogan’s for $1 Bud Lights, I doubt that’s in the cards.

So what are you supposed to do? Some may elect to just forgo having a car here, and we can’t blame you. But come the winter time and 45 minute T delays, that decision may become regrettable.


Luckily for you, we’ve got dozens of SPOTs near some of Boston’s biggest campuses (BU, BC, Emmanuel et al.) and the places you want to spend your time off-campus (dozens of SPOTs near Boylston St. and Downtown).

Use the promo code SPOTU15 and take $15 off any rental through SPOT and keep your cash for one of the 1,000 other expensive things that comes with college…or just another pitcher of sangria.

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