New Boston Startups

April 14, 2017 - 1 minute read

Athletes of Valor 

Athletes of Valor is a Cambridge based startup that helps College sports teams recruit military veterans. The program is meant to help servicemen and servicewoman transition by finding them responsible coaches and corporate sponsorship.

Gamer Sensei 

Gamer Sensei is a coaching platform for competitive gamers. The site will find a “sensei” that matches your personal goals and gaming profile.


FutureFuel aims to make student loan payments an employee benefit. This startup wants employers to offer 5-10% compensation in the form of student loan repayment each for three years on top of the employee’s regular salary and benefit package.


RadioPublic wants to make listening to podcasts easier by making it simple to find and discover.


AirFox is an adtech venture that aims to mobile internet affordable for people who struggle to pay for it.

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