SPOT Does More than Find you a Place to Park


Although we strive to answer all your parking needs, our mission reaches far beyond just this. Each and everyday, Team SPOT strives to better the lives and futures of the people surrounding us.

With close to a million cars in the city of Boston alone, the output of carbon monoxide that affects both our health and the health of the environment is unbelievable. Unfortunately, 30% of city traffic can be attributed to drivers circling the block looking for parking, resulting in congested streets, frustrated drivers, and added smog.


Furthering the problem, Boston has a cap on how many parking spots can be created within the city and with the number of residents increasing daily, the gap between drivers and SPOTs is widening.

With SPOT, we are working towards a smarter Boston by taking advantage of what’s already here. We all know the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” We are taking a similar approach: “when life gives you parking SPOTs, use them.”


Sharing is caring and SPOT believes the sharing economy is the way of the future. Nowadays you can use Airbnb to “borrow” someone’s home for an amazing vacation, rent out public bikes for temporary use with Hubway, catch a ride in someone else’s car with Uber, and use someone’s private parking with SPOT. The goal of SPOT and other sharing-based companies is to cut down on excess consumerism and take advantage of what we already have.

Using SPOT is a win-win scenario. SPOT owners get some free money in their pockets each week and renters save themselves a little headache every day. Together, we help each other. Maybe we’re just a tiny piece of the puzzle but we’re hopeful that SPOT can help local economies while creating safer, cleaner, and more efficient cities. We may not save the planet or the economy, but we’re surely trying to do our part; one parking SPOT at a time.


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