March Events

March 11, 2017 - 2 minutes read

As the first week of March comes to an end it’s time for our monthly tradition-highlighting the top events that are happening around the city. For most Bostonians, this month promises warmer days and the fleeting of white covered everything (cross those fingers). Check out these events to keep you busy either way.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Starting at the Broadway T station on the Red Line, this annual parade is sure to draw a crowd. It starts at 1pm, but don’t be a fool, get there early for prime views. Did we mention people fly across country just to experience this parade? You won’t want to miss it.

Boston Flower and Garden Show
Bask in the colors and smells of this year’s “Nurtured by Nature” themed show. If March disappoints and doesn’t bring light and warmth at least we can experience a splash of spring here.

Winter Dine Out
This is perhaps one of our favorite traditions at SPOT. Check out this site to find participating restaurants and get lunch and dinner at exclusive prices.

Museum of Science Special Exhibit: Chocolate
I can count on one hand the amount of people I have ever come across who find chocolate repugnant. If you’re one of the thousands who doesn’t you’re in for a great surprise. Chocolate galore at the Science Exhibit. You just might find yourself heading to a chocolatier for a post exhibit snack. Might I suggest Fastachi?

Carousel Opening Day at the Greenway and Boston Commons
Pending weather, the two carousels are opening on March 25th and 31st respectively. Stop buy your local convenience store to pick up some sunscreen first because spring is here.

That’s it for March folks. All you lucky college students spring breaking in warmer climates, we’ll be thinking of you while sitting in sub degree weather. But hey, at least we have some chocolate.

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