Last Minute Spring Break Ideas

March 11, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Last minute Spring Break Ideas

Be Outdoorsy!

So the weather isn’t exactly very dependable, so pick your days wisely. But there is still a lot too experience at the outdoors.

Even outdoor activities in the winter! There’s skiing, riding and tubing at one of 12 fantastic ski areas and ice fishing

need some inspo? Watch this video on outdoorsy adventures in Mass

Be a tourist…even in your own town

When you are a local you are less likely to do the typical tourist adventure. Get your fannypack, baseball cap and bulky camera it is time to experience Boston in the eyes of the tourist.

To start check out the aquarium, quincy market and Fenway and definitely the duck boats.


So you finally have a week to relax…and to give back. Check out the local organizations and non-profits they are always happy to accept help.


If you are more of a save money instead of waste money type of individual then you can take the time to make some money. Many companies offer short-term internships that aim to help you gain some more knowledge in your future respective field. It never hurts to try and inquire.

Alternatively you also observe the office for a day or two. You most likely won’t get paid, the connections are highly priceless.

Last minute trips

If the local area ain’t going to cut it. You can still look out for some nice deals. Companies like Last Minute and Priceline will help you find reduced hotels and care rentals.

If these are still pricy split a Zipcar with a group of friends and head out of town. You can sleep in the car or pitch a tent anywhere.

So you’re either broke or a huge procrastinator it still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to have fun.

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