January Blues

January 19, 2017 - 2 minutes read

The January Blues

According to Urban dictionary what many you have been feeling can be attributed as the “January Blues”, a funk that you enter when the holiday season is over. It is believed to start on January 2nd and last until February 1st.

It is an unpleasant time because the holiday season is over, spring is not for a few months and the weather is cold and to be honest the movies showing are lousy.


The main reason you aren’t feeling too shiny is because you’ve been enjoying the holidays and eating too much junk and drinking too much junk.

Food can turn into feelings -thus the blues.

So how do you beat the January Blues?

Vitamin D

If you open up google, there are countless studies that testify to the brilliance for Vitamin D, Check here

During the winter months when the sun chines less, we are not getting the recommended daily dose of vitamin D. Vitamin D can do a lot, it can improve your mood, strengthen your immune system and fortify your bones and teeth.

If you are not a regular vitamin popper, try to up your intake with eggs, fish and salmon.


Keep Exercising

Exercise release the happy hormone serotonin. As well as just generally being important for your health, regular exercise will boost the positive results of your healthy eating!

The Right thoughts

Our thoughts can affect our bodies and physical health too. Avoid self deprecating thoughts and think before you think. What makes you really happy? Now hold on to it!


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