SPOT 3.0!

We’ve done it again. Coming to an iPhone near you, we’ll be releasing SPOT 3.0 very shortly and just wanted to give you a taste of what’s in store. We’re pretty psyched about these updates and hope all our users and owners love them too! As always, if you’ve got a question or concern, just reach out to Brandon, our Director of User Happiness at [email protected].

There are two main things you should know about with this upcoming update: The Look and The New Features. Keep reading to find out details.

The Look:
We’ve given the app a facelift and made it sleeker than ever! You’ll now have clean, crisp displays that make finding the perfect SPOT a breeze. With new animations, and brighter colors, the SPOT app is fresh and colorful for spring!


New Features:

Simpler Search Preferences:

We’ve redesigned the search feature – gone are the days of complicated browsing for the perfect SPOT. We’ve streamlined and simplified the search preferences so you’ll have no problem finding parking wherever you’re headed.


One Step Booking:

We wanted to make sure that booking a spot requires as few steps as possible, therefore, you’ll now be able to book straight from the search screen. Why waste any more time than you have to on parking? Now you can grab a spot in just a couple taps.


View SPOT Page:

Ever been hesitant about booking a SPOT because you weren’t sure of its details? Well that’s no longer a worry you’ll ever have again. On the booking page, you’ll now be able to click into the SPOT detail page. Here you’ll find information on everything from car restrictions (no oversized vehicles, height restrictions, etc.) to the availability and pricing details. We want to make booking a SPOT as transparent as possible, and with this page you’ll never have to wonder about details again.


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