Important Announcement for Android Users

One of the biggest shifts coming with SPOT 2.0 is happening for our Android users. For a while now, many updates to SPOT were exclusively iOS updates. This was a decision that was painfully difficult to make by the Android-carrying members of Team SPOT (myself included). The hard numbers were hard to overlook; during our beta testing period 91% of our users came from iOS devices…and that number has hovered in the high-80s to low 90s since our launch in December.

Unfortunately with SPOT 2.0 comes a temporary ‘blackout’ of our Android services. With the new app, we’ve addressed a lot of things SPOTers reported wanting to see improved and we’ve also built a new backend to support the newly added functionalities. Sadly this new back-end is built to support the newest app and though we’d love it if we could build both an Android and iOS version of the app at the same time, it has simply been a matter of allocating resources intelligently and not running our technical staff into the ground working 20 hour days. We want to get this new technology out and into the hands of our users ASAP and going iOS exclusive was the best way to do that at this time.

SPOT 2.0 for Android is in the works and as soon as we have an estimated date of arrival we’ll be sure to shout it from the rooftops. We will also be running a contest throughout the month of May where our most active Android users in the month of May will win an iOS device to help ease the pain during the drought until SPOT is revived on Android devices.

Thank you for checking out SPOT and we’re excited to have you as part of the SPOT community. We look forward to our triumphant return to Android that boasts an amazing new version later this year and getting everyone, no matter their device preference, to park easier!

See you soon….

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