So you’ve probably heard by now about this weird little app called SPOT. Some co-workers of yours swear that it’s the only way to find parking and your “do-everything-so-perfectly-you-want-to-punch-her” college roommate just texted you saying she’s already made over a grand renting out the SPOT at the apartment you two used to share. Yeah, that IS the same SPOT that jacked up your rent by $200 a month when you lived there.

But like any rational minded person who is terrified of awesome things, making money and new technology, you’re skeptical. There’s lots to consider when deciding whether or not to join SPOT:

Decisions, Decisions...

Decisions, Decisions…

  • Do I want more money?

  • Do I like making money with little to no effort?
  • Do I have the slightest understanding about how to work an iPhone?

A decision this big requires some serious understanding of what’s involved. We understand; making money from the palm of your hand seems a LITTLE too good to be true right?

That’s why we’ve built this handy little calculator to help you see just how much using SPOT could be earning you. Simply plug in your address, hit enter, and SPOTs team of hyper-intelligent data ninjas will have an answer for you in roughly 3.14159 seconds; easy as pi ;-).
Check it out and see how much you,or whoever else you know with a parking SPOT, could be making, and finally 1-up that annoying “always first to everything” ex-roommate of yours.


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