Hardships of Being an Entrepreneur

December 15, 2016 - 2 minutes read

What comes to mind when I say the word entrepreneur? You’re probably thinking millennial, casual Friday everyday, open office spaces, chic decor, beer, and 4:30 pm parties (on a Monday). While this makes up a part of the lifestyle, what most fail to acknowledge are the hardships that come with breaking away from the normal 9-5 lifestyle. In fact, Olivia Vanni of Boston Innovation touches upon a couple of these hardships in her recent article highlighting some MassChallenge alumni who were homeless during their participation of the accelerator.

With no steady stream of income, many entrepreneurs are forced to find an alternative source of income by working a part time job (but who has time for that?) or in most cases, move in with sympathetic family and friends to support their unreliable job. This can add hours to late nights as people are forced to work far from their office, commuting for far longer than they should.

There’s also the very real issue of food. MassChallenge alumni talk about hacking the system to take extra helpings of food whenever there was an event happening. Martin Greenberg summarizes the lifestyle when he states, “We got down to $3 a day. There are certain fruits, like bananas, that you can eat a lot of that are pretty cheap and will fill you up. I also stuck to my traditional oatmeal diet, which is cheap.” Welcome back to college where oatmeal and noodles are staples.

These are just a few of the hardships that entrepreneurs face. Everyday brings ups and downs that fluctuate well more than your average job. Entrepreneurs must enter with an open mind ready to work double just for the basics. Creativity will get you far when you have no other options. And you thought this was the good life, didn’t you? Let me share a secret- it is.  0886ccf464e5b4a0ed00e28723ed4b00

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