#FreeParkingFriday is as simple as it sounds. We choose a handful SPOTs on our platform each Friday, and make them free to park in, easy right?

“But Mitch, how do we know what SPOTs are free?”

That’s just as easy! When you tap the “P” marker of a #FreeParkingFriday SPOT you’ll see “#FreeParkingFriday!” instead of the the address of the SPOT. Once you find a FREE SPOT near where you need to be, simply tap to see the details about the SPOT. Tap the tag labelled “Hourly” at the bottom of the SPOT details page and select how long you’d like the SPOT for and then confirm, That’s it!

Free Parking Boston screenYou will be asked to input your credit card information to complete the transaction, as we are unable to avoid the $0.30 or so cents transaction charge thanks to the mean ‘ol bankers that currently control our payment processing systems :-(.

Note: If you haven’t already be sure to input details about your vehicle (easy to do under the My Account-My Cars tab) so that the owner knows what cars are supposed to be there in the event anyone tries to snag your SPOT.

Now Go find your FREE SPOT before someone else does!

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Are you a SPOT owner? Drop me an e-mail at [email protected] about getting your SPOT featured during #FreeParkingFridays in the future!

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