Food Trucks to Hit

January 8, 2017 - 2 minutes read

As the first week in 2017 comes to a close, SPOT wants to take a quick moment to make sure everyone is still breathing. Now while some of you might have promised to hit the gym more this year or start the new diet (I mean, who really diets these days?) that’s been marked in your calendar for months, we want to divert your attention to what really matters – the new food spots you should be hitting this year! Boston is home to some of the greatest food trucks around. So, the gym can wait because it’s time to get eating! Here’s our list of must visit locations (and remember – don’t let the snow deter you)!

Bon Me
Inspired by the Vietnamese bánh mì sandwich, this food truck specializes in rice bowls, sandwiches, and noodle salads. You can find their menu here.

Chicken & Rice Guys
These guys know how to keep things simple with a Middle Eastern flare. Check them out for their various chicken and rice bowls. If you want to keep things light, swap the rice for a bed of salad. Here’s the menu.

For all you vegans out there (and for you non vegans, you’ll leave rethinking your current lifestyle) this food truck offers healthy fast food options. Founded by former MIT student, Ayr Mu, there’s no better way to support your local entrepreneurs then by stopping by for lunch. Check out their variety here.

Zinneken’s Waffles
The second best option to Belgium waffles in Belgium? Belgium waffles on Newbury. Check out this waffle truck for an array of specialty waffles topped with your choice of gourmet treats. Intrigued? Check them out here.

The Cookie Monstah
End your lunch break off right with a cookie sandwich. Pick out your two outer cookies and fill them with your choice of crafted ice cream. Even better? Take a dozen cookies back to the office. Your coworkers will thank you! Here’s their menu so you can start planning. 

Keep eating, keep parking!


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