Schemers beware! Boston is hefting up ticket penalties on drivers who park in residential spaces during Red Sox games. How much you ask? Up to $100 from the previous fine of $40! The program will last the entirety of the 2015 Red Sox World Series campaign and span throughout Kenmore/Fenway area, so don’t think about taking those spaces any time soon. Can you guess who requested this legislation?  The residents of the neighborhoods around Kenmore and Fenway! Rightly so we might add. Like many other neighborhoods in Boston, those Kenmore/Fenway residents pay for their right to park in those ‘public’ resident-only spaces.

But eliminating this loophole does little to fix the actual problem: the lack of parking around Fenway Park. Do you pay $60 to park in a lot 5 blocks from the stadium? Do you have drinks before the game at a restaurant that validates garage parking nearby? Do you want to take the T instead?

No, No, and No; but these are your only options except for these ‘public’ spaces that are really ‘private’ and those coveted off-street, privately owned spaces belonging to apartment renters and local colleges that sit half empty during baseball season while students are out of class.

But what if those private spaces became publicly available to purchase? What if they were 20-30% cheaper than other stadium parking options? And what if you were one of the first people to know about them because you were smart enough to download the app that tells you where to find those SPOTs?Well then, you should probably do just that.

SPOT allows the residents of the area around Fenway Park to profit off of their space, while also providing YOU with an easy-out, no-hassle parking space so you can focus on what you came to Fenway to focus on: watching the Sox chase another World Series.

(Original Copy written by Dillon @ Team SPOT)
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