Hot SPOT: Events Killing it in October

October 7, 2016 - 3 minutes read

It’s October and we are entering snowmageddon, and before it’s too cold to step outside we good folks here at SPOT thought we’d tell you about some cool events happening this month.

The Future A200-3rts Festival: October 8

The name itself should inspire you to go because y’know the FUTURE. If that didn’t work, how about the fact that this is a contemporary arts festival that will feature 40 unique artists around the world with live painting installations and a DJ. I’m talking not your local grocer boy that DJs on his free time but like a professional one. Also and most importantly the proceeds benefit The Boston Children’s Hospital. Buy tickets here.


200-4Applefest: October 15-16

It’s fall and its Apple season! Time for sweaters, and rain boots and family Kodak moments (that always end up looking like ads), but I digress. Check out Wachusett Mountain, for performing cats, bbqs and apple pie contests. Buy tickets here.



imgresShatner’s World: October 16

Not exactly sure what this is about, only that William Shatner one day decided to have a one man show. I would aim for a meet & greet photo. Buy tickets here.



Tech Gives Back: October 20

Get out of the office and give back. This event is spreading individuals/teams to over 50 volunteer sites throughout the Boston area. Afterwards enjoy a party in the seaport with food, drinks and music. Buy tickets here.


Pour the Core: Boston: October 22

No need to spike your cider! Head to this hard cider festival for a variety of local and imported ciders. Also for an incentive to volunteer as your group’s designated driver, this fest will sell you your tickets for a third of the price along with a free bottle of water. Buy tickets here.


Boston Veg Food Fest: October 22-23200w-1

A fellow SPOT employee told me that the future is vegetarian so get to practicing healthy habits at this food fest. Did I mention free food samples? Buy tickets here.



200-5A Capella Competition Oct 22-23

Did you know that Pitch Perfect was based on a true story? Yeah that’s right some people are really hardcore about hitting their falsettos. Check out this event to see it in action.  Buy tickets here.


Pumpkin Float: October 23

It’s the annual pumpkin float at frog pond featuring floating pumpkins. This is a family friendly event with child-focused activities. Buy tickets here.


5,000 Jack O’lanterns: October 27

5000 hand-carved illuminated along a walking path. Very romantic or if you’re friend zoned a nice leisure walk with your pal. Buy tickets here.


Haunted Castle Bash: October 29images-1

A ghoulish cocktail reception with free hors d’oeuvres -fancy. Best thing, costume prizes! Step it up! Buy tickets here.


Knock yourselves out Boston!

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