April 29, 2017 - 2 minutes read

For the foodies of Boston, Eataly has probably become a household name. Located in the prudential, this location opened its doors on November 29th. It’s comprised of three restaurants, ten “to-go” counters, two cafes, a marketplace, and a cooking school. If you haven’t been to the location, here our some favorite vendors from the Eataly veterans at SPOT.

La Panetteria
Pizza on pizza on pizza. This thick crusted pizza will satisfy any pizza lover out there. For all you New Yorkers who claim to have tasted the best of the best, check out this place before you settle on a winner.

La Gastronomia
This vendor serves a mix and match of Italian dishes. Order a box and fill it with a little of everything. This is the perfect option for the indecisive foodie. You’ll never have to pick between the salad, chicken, or pasta again.

La Insalate
Think the Italian sweet green. This salad bar differentiates itself from anything else in Boston by offering local produce with classic Italian toppings.

Il Gelato
For those with a sweet tooth, you will not be able to stay away. One taste of any of these homemade gelatos will ruin all and every other ice cream out there. Choose between a cone or a cup and pick between 14 flavors. Top it off with some chocolate drizzle. Trust us when we say, order the large.

Cannoli Cart
The perfect cap to the end of your visit. This cart lets you pick either a classic or chocolate chip cannoli shell and fill it with ricotta, chocolate, or candied fruit.

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