Why you should create a portfolio website

Are you a soon to be grad or someone in the lookout for a change in career? The search is never easy but there are some things like creating a portfolio that can def help!

Standing out from the pack is critical when it comes to developing your career. A resume and a well written cover letter isn’t always enough to get you noticed. Today, your skill have to edge out the competition more than ever to secure an internship or a job.

So you might be wondering: I’m not artistic or creative. Is a portfolio website relevant?

Yes! A portfolio site has attractive benefits regardless of your vocation.

Here’s How:

A resume and cover letter times 100

Recruiters want to see what you can do! Your portfolio should include all of your collected work and achievements that best exhibits the skills and knowledge you’ve attained at this point in your career.

Its proof! Now your portfolio should go beyond a one page resume. You can make your portfolio dynamic and include: video, photos, writing samples, website design, and testimonials.

For example: A journalist may have writing samples or audio/video recording of on-air material.

A limitless Platform

Your career has a lifetime! So creating a portfolio is not a one-time task. It is a tool for tracking personal development and will change as you collect your work on the job.

Standout from the crowd

Your portfolio is an extension of yourself! As your track record, it sets you apart from everyone else. Besides, because of a website portfolio more people will notice you.  Aside from showcasing your expertise, a website portfolio leaves a digital footprint. If a recruiter were to Google your name, your portfolio will be part of the top results.  When they visit your site and take a look at your samples, it can help them make a more informed decision about your place on their team.

Prove your skills

Once you have your portfolio on the site up and running, it is time to organize it with relevant content. First impressions count! So make sure to list projects that represent you at your best, like a leader or authority figure.

The idea is to show hiring recruiters what you can do rather than having them read your resume and taking you at your word. In fact, a great portfolio will earn you credibility. An employer will know to take your application seriously. This can eventually lead to a conversation about how you are essential for their team!

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