Corporate environmental responsibility?

February 24, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Climate Change and Corporate Responsibility

2/3 of man-made global warning emissions can be tracked down to only 90 companies. If that number scares you how about this one: 30% of these emissions are tracked to only 20 companies.

As these numbers demonstrate, a small number of companies are responsible for the damage on our planet. Which brings forth the question, Should businesses care about their environmental responsibility?

Businesses and society have a symbiotic relationship. Meaning that Companies have two kinds of responsibility -commercial and social. Commercial responsibility involves running the business. Social responsibility involves taking on responsibility as an active agent in the community by engaging in activities that are beyond profit. Examples include protecting the environment, employees, social issues and being ethical in trade.

Besides, it’s good for business. According to CECP, companies that had a 10% increase in their giving budget had their revenue increase by 11% while companies that don’t have a giving budget fell by 3%.

Here is another example. Chevron was one of the 90 companies that had the worst gas emissions impacting our planet in a 2013 study. The PR mess was as bad as you think it was, but it forced the company to begin changes. Now seen on their site is their initiative to reduce their carbon footprint. However don’t get it twisted, Chevron still has many ways to go.

In Final conclusion. The reason you have been experiencing 70 degree weather in February -and in Boston of all places is because of global warming.

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