Commute Easier: Rules to Follow During Thanksgiving

November 21, 2016 - 2 minutes read

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s time to plan accordingly. No one wants to show up to their plans late, with nothing but marshmallow yams (who actually eats anything but the marshmallows) and cold turkey on the table. Driving in Boston this Thursday can be tough so we have compiled a to do list to help make this one of your easiest Thanksgiving commutes ever.

Schedule when to leave
AAA has predicted this year to be the most traveled Thanksgiving since 2007 with 1.1 million Massachuestts residents hitting the roads. With this number, it’s even more important to schedule out when you’re going to drive. Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to be the worst two days to leave with the roads the most congested. If you can, plan to commute on Thursday as most people will have already reached their destination by then. On the return home, avoid Sundays between 11am-6pm. Read more about this here

Download Waze
Waze can offer the real time insight you will need when on the road. It updates to let you know what routes are jammed and gives alternatives to help you commute as fast as possible.

Follow MassDot (@MassDot) on Twitter
This will keep you updated on any major accidents that have occurred on the highways. When you pair this with Waze you are sure to stay as informed as possible.

Check the Weather
It’s scheduled to rain (at least we are avoiding the snow, hopefully) and we all know how this affects Boston drivers. Keep yourself informed and plan accordingly.

Making this Thanksgiving commute easy is possible. All that’s required is a little planning and sticking to a schedule. The only things that should be on your mind are food, family, and giving back! Happy eating! Happy giving!


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