Often people will ask, why did you get into this business? What gets you out of bed in the morning? The answer for me is pretty simple, I’m a living testament to the problem we’re solving. For the majority of the last 5 years I’ve commuted from the suburbs to jobs in notoriously difficult to park in neighborhoods like Fenway, Kendall Square, the North End and now, Seaport. I’ve just recently, caved in and moved to the city (nearly doubling my rent and car insurance payments) mostly just to avoid the pains of traffic, tourists with New Hampshire plates and everything that comes with the daily commute. 

So what makes me love coming to work every day? Making the commuters life easier, even if it’s just one part of the struggle:

5. Traffic7c40acd476fae5a7b69f65608d354b6d

Anyone who ever received a driver’s licence within 100 miles of a major city can agree on one thing; traffic sucks. There are few things as aggravating as sitting in bumper to bumper traffic in 90-degree heat knowing that you’re still 30 miles from home. Forget about it if you’re car is having A/C issues, and be prepared to walk with a limp for the rest of the day is you drive a manual transmission. But with all those problems, traffic, especially from a suburban commute or one that goes directly through downtown is to some extent inevitable.

4. The T.

No pants ride

Don’t be mistaken – commuter problems aren’t unique to just us drivers. The T can be a verrrryyy strange place. The random dude who cozies up to you when literally every seat on the train is free. That time every year a bunch of people decide to ride the T pantsless. And of course, the continued stress for students and professionals alike, of constantly being late to classes or meetings.

Come winter time so many trains and buses are delayed that getting anywhere in the city can take what feels like a full day. Once, when I tired of shovelling and driving I committed and bought a monthly pass for the commuter rail from Salem commuting into Kendall Square. I was late 16 of the 20 days I took the train; so frequently that I lost my job, despite leaving my apartment 2-3 hours ahead of time. That pretty much sums up the T.

3. Tourist Drivers


Boston is a glorious city. Full of the best sports teams in America, the site of many of the nation’s most famed founding events, and home to some of the world’s smartest men and women. Naturally people from all over flock here, and the same could be said of our next destination, Chicago. But is there anything worse than those people trying to drive in Boston? We get it, the roads here don’t make sense to you – so stay the heck off of them, or download the update for Google Maps already. And if you don’t know the rules come winter time…We will not be kind.

2. Proud Massholes


There’s only one type of driver worse than a tourist…A Masshole. How do I know this? I am one. How do you identify a Masshole? Look for the guy failing to use his Blinkah, probably driving some distinctly New England car like a Jeep or Subaru, and who has one of these bumper stickers:

1. Parking

Get SPOT Button
Parking remains one of the worst parts of the commute. You’ve navigated the traffic, you got out from behind the tourist who’s break checking you, and you didn’t get caught taking the HOV lane solo today. Finally you get to work early: 20 minutes to spare and spend 25 minutes finding parking or cave in and pay the garage 4 blocks away $40 for the privilege of being late…again. Luckily, I’ve heard rumors about some new app that helps people park easier around here…might have to check that out.

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