How to Hack: Traveling

December 16, 2016 - 3 minutes read

Traveling – we all want to do to it, but few of us ever do. We’ve have all heard the excuses: no vacation time, no money and no friends to come with. But these are just excuses because we have found fire ways to hack the system.

1. Save on Airfare

Don’t limit your search for flights to just online search engines. You are most likely overpaying – dramatically. Check out these small sites first, WhichBudget and Cheapair .

If these options are also limited then google search the airlines that fly the route you want. A great starting place is to find the website for your departing or arriving airport, which will list the airlines it caters to.

2. Work for Accommodation

Finding places to crash is both the most difficult and the most expensive. Look for places that allow work-trade arrangements. Caretaker’s Gazette – For $30 a year find listings from around the world that allow rent-free living in exchange for work. Jobs range from house-sitting to campground maintenance.

House Carers – house-sit and walk the dog. Most listings can be found in Australia or New Zealand .

If you don’t like the grunt work see tip 3.

3. Free Accommodation

Before you get too excited, the accommodation only lasts a couple days and not weeks. Couch surfing – this is the most well know site but still use your gut instinct and be safe!

Global Freeloaders – only drawback is that you need to be able to reciprocate and also be able to offer your home within 6 months.

4. Avoid Souvenirs

One of the easiest ways to save money while traveling is to steer clear of souvenir shops.

Things to remember:

– The goods are mass-produced elsewhere

– Lack authenticity

– Will you even use it?

5. Food

Food and drinks are going to be the most expense draining. You most likely don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your vacation by limiting yourself so do what you think is important and budget accordingly.

Also important thing to remember: The amount of money you spend does in no way correlate with how much fun you will have.

– Avoid hotel restaurants

– Don’t buy expensive breakfast, save money and buy basic ingredients at the grocery store

– Do your research on tipping, the 20% tip is really an American Convention

6. Take your time/ Travel slowly

Flights, trains, and taxis are expensive, instead travel slowly. By staying in one place for awhile you are really getting to know the people and the local community.

Use these tips to your advantage! Also Scott Disick said it best, 200-3

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