Cambridge Parking – Everything You Need to Know

June 30, 2016 - 3 minutes read

cambridge parkingParking in Boston is tough, but the parking situation across the river isn’t any easier. Compared to Brookline’s regulations, Cambridge parking is a little bit more relaxed, but still challenging. Simply put: the demand for parking in Cambridge, exceeds the available supply of spaces, but we want to help you #ParkEasier, so here is a list of the rules and regulations of Cambridge parking:

To accommodate residents, guests, and people doing business, there are city-issued parking spaces around Cambridge, which include: two municipal parking garages located in East Cambridge and Central Square, nine metered off-street parking lots, 3,100 metered on-street parking spaces, and 1,000 bicycle parking racks. The major problem with the spaces are their limited quantity, their price, and the uncertainty of their availability since there is no way to reserve these spaces ahead of time.

Resident Cambridge Parking: Cambridge residents are issued resident parking permits, which allow them to park in locations throughout the city labeled “Permit Parking Only.” These permits must be renewed every year. Cambridge holds their resident-parking permits to a high standard, and in order to receive one, the applicant must adhere to the strict eligibility requirements, which include:

  • Must be a Cambridge resident
  • All outstanding parking tickets in your name must be paid prior to receiving an on-street or visitor parking permit
  • Vehicles must be registered with the Mass Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) in your name at your Cambridge address

The downside to these permits, is the need for permanent residency. Cambridge does not provide short-term parking permits for summer school students or sub-letters, which makes it even tougher to find parking for people who temporarily live in the city.

The other types of Cambridge Parking are really very simple, but ultimately, it’s the lack of regulations that cause their limited availability:

  • Visitor Parking Permits: Visitors may park in the resident parking permit area where the house of the Cambridge resident they are visiting is located.
  • Business Parking: Metered parking is located in commercial areas
  • Winter Parking: On-street emergency parking ban may be in effect in the winter

When it’s all said and done, Cambridge parking doesn’t seem that difficult. That is, until you try to find a place to park. But don’t worry, SPOT’s got you covered on all things parking. Download our app here and #ParkEasier.

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