The Bright lights at the end of the App store

February 18, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Apps are popping on the Appstore like crazy and sadly most of them are duds.

However a couple are shining bright!


An app that offers dog walking services. Living in Boston you are probably living a fast paced life and as much as you love your furry friend it can be impossible to give them the attention they deserve. With wag you can live track the walk and get dog reports at the end of the day.

Get a free walk with code KIM5039 You’re Welcome.



NimNim is an on-demand Laundry and shoe repair service.  The app is beautiful and incredibly easy to use: just put in an address, how you want your laundry to be done, and when you want it picked up. Very ideal for busy Bostonians.



It has been over a month since the new year so it is technically still not too late for you to pick up the slack. VINT is an app that will summon a personal trainer to come work you out. The trainer can meet you just about anywhere whether it be a park, trail, or the gym.


When has the US post office not had a super long line towards the end of the store? Not to mention the always disgruntled employee? Instead of killing over an hour of your time, try the app Shyp. With this app, take a picture of what needs to be sent, put in the destination address and within 20 minutes a courier will arrive to pick it up. It will then head to their headquarters to be custom boxed and shipped, all this for $5 plus shipping, which is a competitive price.


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